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Interview with Linda Joyce, Champion Field Sales Manager 2017

Linda Joyce, National Sales Manager for CPM’s Residential team for eir, has been recognised at the ICSA as the Champion Field Sales Manager 2017. After this well-deserved award, we had the opportunity to talk with Linda about what winning this prestigious award means to her and how she managed to achieve it. Here is what she had to say:

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Main takeaways from The Sales Leaders’ Summit 2017

“Leading in an age of Uncertainty” was the topic that gathered 10 speakers at the Sales Leaders’ Summit 2017, which took place on May 12th at The Intercontinental Hotel.

CPM was delighted to be the main sponsor of such an insightful event where more than 350 leading Sales Directors from Ireland’s most progressive companies had the opportunity to meet, network, and learn.

At CPM we have gathered some of the main highlights of the day:

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CPM is Shortlisted for 2017 Irish Sales Champion Awards

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly, CPM is delighted to announce that all our entries for the Irish Sales Champion Awards 2017 have been shortlisted.

This recognition is much bigger than our firm. This acknowledgment is for CPM’s teams and individuals who have worked productively day-in-day-out. It is said that hard work is its own reward, but sometimes one deserves a pat on the back by their peers.

Here are the teams and individuals of CPM that have been nominated:

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3 tips to improve sales by building a strong customer relationship

Sales can be a difficult process. Oftentimes customers are scared off when they see they’re being sold a product. If they feel their best interests aren’t being looked after, they will be unwilling to consider taking your product or service.

Building a strong relationship with your customer can show them that you are there to help them, rather than a salesman trying to force a product onto them. Also strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability and growth.

At CPM we have gathered 3 tips that will help you to build relationships that drive sales:

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Why sales is the best first job?

After finishing College, most graduates are not sure about what career path to take. Many students only start considering their options when entering to the final stage of their studies and might end up feeling frustrated when the question “What’s next?” pops into their head.

If that’s your case, don’t panic! It’s important for you to know that there are plenty of options facing final-year students. Whether you’ve always known what you want to do after finishing your degree or are only recently thinking about it, we have gathered 3 reasons as to why sales is the best job to start your professional career.

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3 tips to manage sales stress

Sales can be a stressful occupation. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working as a salesperson, stress can affect you at any time. However stress can have a positive or negative impact on your performance, depending on how it is managed.

To become a top sales performer it is important that you master how to remain calm in a stressful situation. A stressful circumstance managed in an accurate way can help to build competition and motivation.

If stress is getting the best of you, we recommend you to keep reading as we have gathered the following tips to help you cope with stress:

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Veronique Motte - Expert Speak

Sales outsourcing is the new black

Veronique Motte, CPM France CEO discusses Sales Outsourcing in our latest CPM Expert Speak. The obvious choice for some but less well-known to others, sales outsourcing lets brands be more agile and keep ahead of the pack.


To adapt to situations, seasonality and new trends…

The modern consumer is multichannel. Their new needs and new ways of consuming are prompting brands to adapt, revise or even recast their marketing and sales strategies. This is having an impact on the efforts required of their salespeople in the distribution networks. Or rather it should. When a manufacturer’s sales force is given the task of concentrating on the hypermarket network, it remains focused on the relationships it has built and maintained with each store. These sales representatives, who drive for miles along the roads for early morning appointments with department managers, do not have the “bandwidth” to absorb what we in our lingo call a new sales front. So, for a manufacturer who fully intends for its strategy to include the new network that is so popular with consumers, the convenience stores – Carrefour City, Franprix, G20, Intermarché Express, etc. – there is an alternative: the outsourced sales force.

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