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Join us at the “Just in Time” Jobs Fair

Looking to start or enhance your sales career?

At CPM we are looking for candidates who wish to start or progress their career in sales. We have a job to suit every step in the sales career ladder. So if you are looking for your dream sales job, we invite to come and meet our team at the “Just in time” Jobs Fair, hosted by The National College of Ireland.

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Why sales is the best first job?

After finishing College, most graduates are not sure about what career path to take. Many students only start considering their options when entering to the final stage of their studies and might end up feeling frustrated when the question “What’s next?” pops into their head.

If that’s your case, don’t panic! It’s important for you to know that there are plenty of options facing final-year students. Whether you’ve always known what you want to do after finishing your degree or are only recently thinking about it, we have gathered 3 reasons as to why sales is the best job to start your professional career.

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5 reasons to get a job in sales

A career in sales can be a rewarding experience for those who dare to jump into the passionate world of sales. Salespeople are required in a wide range of different industries, as most businesses rely heavily on revenue generated by sales.

At CPM we have gathered 5 reasons why you should apply for a job in sales:

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Corporate Social Responsibility & CPM’s 30 Year Anniversary!

Corporate Social Responsibility is fun with CPM!

Corporate Social Responsibility is big on our agenda at CPM and so it was only fitting that we incorporated this in to our 30 Year Anniversary milestone.

Last weekend CPM sponsored a local festival known as Canalaphonic – A Music and Culture Festival around the Rathmines and Portobello area.

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Congratulations Neil on your new position as Client Service Manager

FullSizeRenderWe are delighted to congratulate Neil Campbell, who has been promoted to Client Service Manager for the eircom Residential Account. Neil is a great example of career progression within CPM, as he started as a Field Sales Representative 6 years ago and has progressed through the ranks as an Assistant Manager, Regional Sales Manager and National Sales Manager.

After we find out about this great news, we ran to Neil and interviewed him to get some inspiration from his impeccable career path. For everyone who is looking to succeed in his/her sales career you can’t miss what Neil had to say:

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Psychometric tests: what companies are looking for?

psychometric testWhen companies are running a selection process they use various assessment methods to select candidates. Through these methods, businesses seek to gather sufficient proof that an applicant has the abilities and qualities to be successful in a specific position.

One of the methods used by companies is psychometrics tests. These are structured exercises –usually in the form of multiple choices– designed to assess reasoning abilities or how a candidate would react to different work scenarios.

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Tips for organisations conducting an interview using Skype

interviewConducting an interview using Skype has many advantages for an organisation: reducing costs and saving time, can enable a short notice when scheduling the interview and it’s also simply to use. Skype or other webcam chat technologies makes it easy for almost anyone to use but conducting a video job interview and being the facilitator requires a little more time spent on planning.

Below you will find a few tips from CPM to guide you through the process:

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