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Convenience store

POS communication in convenience stores

According to a research by him!, 2 in 3 shoppers don’t notice ANY point of purchase signs in convenience stores. The main reason is that brands transfer the best practice for POS communication from larger retail stores to smaller Convenience shops, where shoppers demonstrate different buying patterns.

As people shop differently in these two retail environments, it’s vital for brands to understand the main differences to maximise their brand exposure opportunities. Especially in the Irish market, where convenience stores are very popular among shoppers, who make on average 2.79 trips per week to these type of store.

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Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day in numbers

Given Saint Patrick’s Day is only one week away; at CPM we have gathered some figures around the national holiday.

The information is based on a survey conducted by Empathy Research. The survey was responded by 997 consumers.

Have a look at the infographic we’ve prepared with the key facts of the research:

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Influence shoppers

Factors that influence shoppers when choosing a retailer

According to the latest Kantar figures covering the 12 weeks ending 19th June 2016, the grocery market continues to grow with sales rising by 2.5% compared with last year, as the average spend per household increased by €27 this year.

The surge in sales is mainly due to an increased number of shopping trips (62 visits on average over the past 12 weeks vs. 58 trips last year). However, there has been a return to the trend to shop “little and often” as there’s been a decrease in the number of items per basket.

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Impacts of Brexit On Irelands’ Agri-Food Industry

The UK depends on the EU for approximately one-quarter of its food, according to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

The benefits of forming the EU for agriculture was that it made it considerably easier for the UK and the other 27 European states to buy and sell goods to each other – it was a commitment to the free movement of labour, capital, goods and services.

Now, with the Brexit vote forcing the departure of the UK from the EU, it is uncertain what agreements if any will be made between the UK and the EU countries.

So what does that mean for Ireland?

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Top blog posts of 2015

CPM would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year!

In 2016 we will continue to deliver great blog post to help you exceed your sales! So in case you missed some of the best post we published during last year, we wanted to share the list of our most popular post during 2015.

Let us know which one was your favourite and if you will like us to discuss any topic you might have.


1.- Congratulations Neil on your new position as Client Service Manager

1Neil represents a great example of career progression within CPM. So for all the salespeople who are looking to succeed in their career, why not check out this exclusive interview we did to Neil, where he talks about his career path.


2.- An interview with Kevin Thomas, 2015 Overall Irish Sales Champion

In this interview Kevin Thomas share with us what winning 2 Irish Sales Champion Awards means to him and how he managed to achieve it.


3.- 10 movies for salespeople

3If you are in a movie mood but don’t know what to watch, check out this great list with the best 10 movies for salespeople. Enjoy!



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Christmas in Retail

Christmas is just around the corner! And this year it’s set to be the best festive season for retailers and businesses since 2008, as it is expected a rise of over 3.5pc on Christmas spending.

According to the latest Consumer Confidence report from Nielsen, consumer confidence is at its highest level since the beginning of the recession (93%), which will help retailers and businesses to have the busiest festive period in years.

Webloyalty and Ibec had recently launched their Christmas report and at CPM we wanted to share some of the most interesting figures we’ve found in their studies.

Check out the figures of Christmas in Retail:

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LC15 Banner

CPM: proud co-sponsor of The 2nd ECR Leaders’ Congress

ECR Leaders' CongressAs Ireland’s Leading Field Sales and Marketing Specialist, CPM is delighted to have co-sponsored the 2nd ECR Leaders’ Congress, which took place today in the O’Reilly Hall at UCD.

In this event, the leading executives of the industry had the opportunity to address the sector’s unique challenges, discuss about the most recent shopper & market insights, as well as identify the opportunities & threats facing the sector.

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How to build customer loyalty?

For any business, to gain new customers is as important as retaining existing ones. Organizations must dedicate a significant part of their resources to mantain existing clients and create loyal customers that will guarantee stable business operations. This task seems to be a top priority in the “to do list” of retailers.

Happy and loyal customers return to the same store, get adventurous with their favourite brands and try new products recently launched, referrer products and/or services to their friends and families, stick to their favourite brands and will be immune to both competition and economic changes.

But customer loyalty is hard to cultivate: companies need to invest energy and time in order to develop a long lasting relation with its clients. Check out these tips that will help you to build a loyal relation with your customers:


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Introducing CPM’s Global Showreel – Driving Sales since 1936

Joost van de Ven, Group Chief Development Officer at CPM, introduces our new Global Showreel and shares insight on how we have been driving SALES and incremental growth for our global client brands for 80 years

When people ask me what does CPM do as a business, I always tell them that CPM is a Sales Development Company. Or as one of my straight talking colleagues says, we sell “stuff”. But in a more formal way our mission is: To grow our clients’ business by using INSIGHT to create INFLUENCE and drive SALES. So everything we do ultimately results in SALES! To give a better understanding about CPM’s services we open up our new show reel, demonstrating our services around the world.

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CPM Expert Speak: How to transform FMCG field sales team productivity

Alan Peyton, Managing Director of CPM Ireland, explores the challenges of matching resources to tasks in a field sales team model, but also the line between service delivery versus performance driving activities in this insight paper and argues that many resource plans focus on achieving service levels such as call coverage at the expense of incremental value creation.

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