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The Importance Of Being Consistent


Is there a worse feeling than waking up Saturday morning and remembering you’ve missed the deadline for Fantasy Football? A pain we all know too well which gives credibility to the adage ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. As in business, over the course of a given campaign the ball can be dropped on the odd occasion, but for anyone who’s won a league over the years there is a realization that winners are the ones who learn from such mistakes and recover best.

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Garda Commissioner Wanted: Please apply here

In CPM we are delighted to publish this article written by our collaborator, Catherina Grace from CPM Ireland, for an internal competition in which she turned out the winner of the Local Group. We extend our congratulations to Catherina for her input in the “Holistic Interviewing” approach . We also want to invite our community to contact us at the email, in case you are interested in becoming our guest blogger.

Garda Commissioner wanted: Please apply here

By Catherina Grace


Martin Callinans resignation has resulted in an opening for a new Garda Commissioner. How do you even begin recruiting for a role as senior and public as this?  With an organisation as large as An Garda Síochana, there is most definitely a succession plan in place, with Noirin O’Sullivan looking likely to take up the position.

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Consumer Top 10 Global Trends for 2014


The Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2014

Market Research Company Euromonitor International recently shared their The Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2014, noting “, there is an overwhelming desire globally to indulge in luxury goods, download more apps and document experiences visually through social media. However, consumers are also struggling with work-life balance, maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle and eating better. These trends are sure to change the way brands appear and interact with consumers and in turn, brands will need to work harder to maintain customer loyalty.”
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